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  • Burrs: Turbo Burrs | SUS 440 | 78mm
  • Power: Max 400W
  • Speed: 800-1400 rpm For Pour Over
  • Patented Burrs- 078 Turbo Burrs:Come with three layers of teeth (arc, vortex and burr teeth) to cut beansfast and consistently, and at the same time, effectively reduce finescaused by squeezing the coffee beans.
  • Patented Rotary Knocker-lt is always difficult to clean fines thoroughly from the grinderspout. Therefore we designed this rotary knocker to have finescleaned effectively. By simply quick-turning the knocker, mostof the fines will be shaken off.
  • Sensory brushless motor-We adopt this more expensive brushless motor with PIDcontrol and Hall components which can only be found amonghigh-end brands. Compared with brushed motor. brushlessmotor rotates without contacting the stator, therefore iszero-friction, and enables a longer lifespan and a more stableusage (does not shake during operation).
  • Magnetic bean lid-The bean lid is magnetic. When the bean lid covers half of theposition of the bean entrance,it will automatically fit to preventbean hopping and is convenient to use.


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